Scripture Conference in Slovakia


Posted 03rd January

Recently Jeremy Corley, Lecturer in Sacred Scripture and Director of Research at St Patrick's College, Maynooth was an invited speaker at a Scripture conference in Slovakia, along with Emanuel Tov (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Peter Dubovský (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome). The conference theme was the understanding of earlier prophets within later biblical writings, with a special focus on Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha. Jeremy Corley spoke on the portrait of Elijah as a fiery prophet in the Book of Sirach. The conference was organised by Blažej Štrba on behalf of Studia Biblica Slovaca.

More details at this link:

Jeremy Corley speaking on ElijahJeremy Corley speaking on Elijah
Emanuel Tov reading the Hebrew story of ElijahEmanuel Tov reading the Hebrew story of Elijah


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