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For more than two hundred years, St. Patrick’s College has been a source of strength and inspiration for Catholics. Maynooth hopes to continue to play an active national role in the renewal and re-evangelisation of the Church in Ireland.

St Patrick’s College is continually developing and upgrading its facilities and services. Donations from our Alumni and the Friends of Maynooth is what makes our work possible.

At St Patrick's College we strive for Excellence in all areas.

Academic Excellence; Secure and retain world-class staff to preserve the place of Maynooth as a global centre of Catholic teaching

Scholastic Excellence; Raising additional funds and opening a competitive means and merit based scholarship programme is key for us. We hope that by doubling the number of scholarships awarded each year, those who have the most to offer and most to gain will be assured a place here.

Maintaining our Infastructure; Our spectacular campus is a beacon for Irish Catholicism. The responsibility to preserve this heritage for present and future generations of Catholics is a priority. By maintaining our heritage we are securing our future.

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