International Day of the Midwife (5 May) and a Call for Contributions to a new edited volume


Posted 05th May

Today, 5 May, is celebrated worldwide as International Day of the Midwife. To mark the day, we would like to share the news of a new multidisciplinary volume being prepared by one of our Faculty members.

Following on the success of Death and the Irish: a Miscellany (2016) and Marriage and the Irish: a Miscellany (2019) by Wordwell Press, contributions are invited for the third volume in the series Birth, Marriage and Death among the Irish. The volume will be entitled Birth and the Irish: a Miscellany.

Birth and the Irish: a Miscellany

1. Contributors may write about any aspect of the history of pregnancy, birth, and the early stages after birth, among the Irish from the earliest centuries to the present day. Contributions relating to birth among the Irish diaspora and, indeed, the "new Irish" who have made Ireland their home in recent years are especially welcome.

2. The volume will be truly multidisciplinary, including submissions from the fields of history, geography, folklore, anthropology, theology, sociology, obstetrics, midwifery, literature, gender studies, art history, archaeology, etc.

3. Contributions should be in the region of 1,200 to 1,300 words.

4. They should be typed in Word, in Times New Roman font, at 1.5 spacing.

5. They should be aimed at a general, but also informed reader.

6. Contributions will not feature footnotes. Instead, the main sources for the piece can be mentioned in a brief "Further Reading" section at the end of the article, and this should include 3-5 bibliographic / archival references max.

7. Proposals of topics may be sent to

8. Deadline for submissions of completed contributions to is 1 September 2020.

9. The format will follow that already used in previous volumes. Further information on the first two volumes can be found through the links below:

10. This volume, like previous volumes, will be illustrated, and so high-res images (no less than 300dpi), with relevant copyright and reproduction rights already cleared, are very welcome


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