Research Seminar: “Social Memory and Scripture in the Gospel of John”, Prof. Sandra Huebenthal, University of Passau

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February 20th


13:45pm - 15:00pm


Seomra na Cuallachta

Prof. Sandra Huebenthal is a pioneer in applying social memory theory to the gospels. Recent articles include “Reading Mark as Collective Memory,” in: Samuel Byrskog, Raimo Hakola and Jutta Jokiranta (Ed.). Social Memory and Social Identity in the Study of Early Judaism and Early Christianity (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2016) 69-87; and “Teaching Mark as Collective Memory,” in: Shively, Elisabeth E., and Geert Van Oyen (Ed): Communication, Pedagogy, and the Gospel of Mark (Atlanta: SBL, 2016) 45-69.