PT 301 Practicing Theology: For Life Abundant

Module Level


Related Department


Time Allowance

Lectures: 12 hours. Presentation: 20 hours. Critical Reflection: 15 hours. Private Study: 12 hours.


Group Presentation: 60%. Critical Reflection (1000 words): 40%. Students need to pass all components of assessment in order to pass the module.

Module Aims

  • To deepen students’ critical reflection on and to foster an integrative exploration of the minister as pastoral/practical theologian
  • To build on the students’ learnings and engagement with the hermeneutical process(es) of practical theological interpretation toward the integrating of Christian belief and practices in the life of the minister and the members of the community
  • To explore co-responsibility and the associated dimensions of leadership, collaboration and the dynamics of power in ecclesial life
  • To practically identify areas of stress, challenge and burn-out in ministry and examine ways of keeping a balance between personal and ministerial commitments

Indicative Syllabus:

  • Minister as pastoral/practical theologian
  • Hermeneutical processes of practical theological interpretation for the minister and the community
  • Co-responsible ministry: leadership, collaboration and dynamics of power in ministry
  • Theology of transition: change and grief in ministry
  • Self-care in ministry

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically reflect on relevant cases and ministry experiences employing an appropriate hermeneutical process for practical theological interpretation
  • Collaboratively formulate a catechetical/formative development programme employing a praxis model of learning for a specific ecclesial group
  • Exhibit reflexive self-knowledge and critical reflection as it relates to life in ministry
  • Exhibit an on-going integrating in personal, academic, spiritual and pastoral dimensions of the formative process for ministry


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