Pastoral Placement Education

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Module Level


Module Aims

The Placement Education module lies at the intersection of academic study and the practice of ministry, offering theological and professional preparation for ministry. It provides a unique opportunity for students to engage directly withpastoral practice as part of their ministerial formation, in supervised ministry placements. It strives to integrate the activities of thinking and acting theologically, trusting that theology informs pastoral practice, and lived practice informs theology.

Placement Education consists of the following:

  • A minimum of ten-twelve hours contact time per week of ministry at a site in a faith-based context.
  • Support and dialogue with an on-site Contact Person.
  • Two supervised visits from an assigned Pastoral Placement Supervisor.
  • Engagement in ongoing planning and reflection, facilitating immersion in ministry placement.
  • A schedule of classes addressing themes of importance for ministry preparation and practice in the present context.
  • Ongoing consultation meetings with Pastoral Theology staff.

Three periods of Block Placement are scheduled during the year.