MR 403 Catholic Social Teaching

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Module Level


Time Allowance

4 hours on campus lectures during the weekend residentials (divided between 2 weekends) 6 hours live on-line lectures on Wednesday evening, 6 hours of self-directed learning, Assignment – 15 hours, Private Study – 24 hours.



Module Aims

  • To introduce students to key aspects of Catholic Social Teaching with a focus on Justice and Human Rights.

Indicative Syllabus:

  • The central principles of Catholic Social Teaching such as justice, the common good, preferential option for the poor, subsidiarity and solidarity.
  • Key social documents – both universal and local.
  • The response of Catholic Social Teaching [universal and local] to homelessness and ecology.
  • Globalization: Challenges and opportunities.
  • Human solidarity and its implications for our engagement with refugees and global poverty.
  • The importance of the subjective dimension of work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have a good knowledge of the social doctrine of the Church.
  • Be aware of key historical developments in Catholic Social Teaching and of its dynamic nature.
  • Be able to apply Catholic Social Teaching to a number of key contemporary issues.
  • Be familiar with the roots and key principles of Catholic Social Teaching.


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