ST 115 Evangelization and Mission Today

Module Level


Time Allowance

Lectures: 12 hours Private study: 8 hours Assignment: 10 hours


Examination or essay

Module Aims

To explore the issues in Evangelization and Mission today both ad extra and ad intra

Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the course, students will be able to: • Identify the scriptural and theological foundations of mission and evangelization • Understand the theological and cultural factors that, on the one hand, support and, on the other, undermine the preaching of the Gospel • Identify key moments in the missionary outreach of the Irish Church • Reflect on the significance of the main teachings of the Church since Vatican II on mission and evangelization • Analyse the impact of contemporary developments in church and society on mission and evangelization • Examine a number of significant texts in contemporary theological literature on mission and evangelization
  • Indicative Syllabus: • Biblical and Theological Foundations of Mission and Evangelization • Historical and Ecumenical Perspectives on Mission and Evangelization • From Jew to Gentile: St Paul: quintessential Missionary • The Irish contribution to Mission • Models of Evangelization • Key principles of mission and evangelization in Vatican II and in subsequent papal documents: In-depth analysis of Ad Gentes, Nostra Aetate, Evangelii Nuntiandi, Redemptoris Missio and Evangelii Gaudium


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