EH244 History of the Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Church

Module Level

8 (Undergraduate)

Time Allowance

Lectures: 24 hours. Assignment: 24 hours. Private study: 24 hours


1,500 word Essay (40%) and Examination (60%)

Module Aims

  • Introduce students to the study of Medieval Ecclesiastical History
  • Provide students with a good overview of the most up to date scholarship on the history of the Church in the Middle Ages

Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the module, students should
  • Be able to fluently discuss the principal ecclesiastical events and personalities of the Middle Ages
  • Appreciate the evolution in theology, spirituality, ecclesiastical ministry and popular practice, which characterised the later Middle Ages, and how this has shaped the Church down to the present day
  • Be familiar with the factors leading to an increasing distance between Eastern and western Christianity in the later Middle Ages and the legacy of such issues in more recent Catholic/Orthodox dialogue
  • Recognise the importance of a solid historical grasp of the theological issues of this period and an awareness of the relevance of this for other theological disciplines
  • Have gained a good historical sense of the period and display a willingness to “attentively listen to” the diverse arguments / positions of a range of individuals / groups in key historical debates, a skill which is readily transferable to a wide range of situations in ministerial practice or in the workplace.


  • Will be available on Moodle


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