DCE ??? - Educational Leadership and Catholic Social Teaching

Module Level


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Time Allowance

Summer School


Essay (1500 - 2,000 words)

Module Aims

Rationale: Leaders in Christian schools are faced with a myriad of decisions every day.  In the face of important issues, they need to be aware of the law, but not confuse it with what is ethical.  They need to be able to do two things: make ethical decisions and act on them.  To do this, they will need to widen their understanding of the processes involved in coming to such a decision and strengthen their ability to act on it.

Indicative Syllabus: This course will introduce students to the demands for justice from within the Christian faith.  Such demands, both personal and public, invite various responses, ones that are characterized by ethical decision making and the courage to act on the outcomes of decision making.  The course will explore the process of making ethical decisions from within the Christian tradition.  This exploration will require critical reflection on the nature of the human person, an understanding of morality, the formation of conscience, attention to the resources within the Christian tradition, i.e., scripture, tradition, natural law, and human experience, along with a working understanding of social analysis. This course will also look at the essential relationship between decision making and action.  It will investigate how people find the resolve to act on what they believe is the right thing to do and ways to engage in personal and public transformation.  The context for much of this course will be the world of education, with particular attention given to inclusion in education.

Learning Outcomes

  • Theological foundations of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Models of Leadership
  • Scriptural and Spiritual Insights into the use of Power
  • Case studies on relevant Educational Issues


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