Research Seminar

Research Seminar Details 2018-2019

New Research Seminar programme 2018-2019:

The programme of research seminars has just been launched for the new semester at St Patrick’s.

On Wednesday 3rd October, Prof. Séamus O’Connell (SPCM) will be examining “Jesus, the Spirits, and the Narrator in the Gospel of Mark.”

On Monday 8th October, we are pleased to welcome Dr Columba Stewart OSB, from St John’s University, Collegeville, USA. He will be opening up ancient sources to explore the ascetic landscape of Late Antique Mesopotamia.

The whole seminar programme for the semester is available in the link below:

Research Seminar Schedule First Semester 2018-2019

For abstracts of the October seminars by Prof. Séamus O’Connell and Dr Columba Stewart, see link below:

October 2018 Research Seminars Oconnell Stewart