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Welcome to Maynooth

Congratulations on choosing to study with us.

Letter to Students (28th Sept)

Dear Students,

You may be aware that public health measures are being further enhanced. This is having an impact on large universities.

St Patrick’s is a specialised college. Our learning community is small, with an ethos and method that is personal and interactive, on a spacious campus.

It will be possible then, by working within the guidelines, for our classes will proceed. We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

However, there are implications for those taking classes in Maynooth University, especially our Bachelor of Arts and Theology (BATh) students. For further information on your Arts subjects, please check on the relevant Moodle space.

To the first year BATh (MU001) students: we will be required to divide your class into two groups, which will rotate between on-campus and online lectures. This will be worked through with you at the 11.00 lecture on Monday 28th September. We look forward to seeing you there.

A small number of you may not have access to Moodle or the modules for which you are registered. The technical team is working hard to resolve this. As soon as this is resolved you should see all your modules appear.

We plan to increase the amount of on-campus teaching as soon as the situation allows.

Thank you once again for your patience, in these challenging times.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Michael Shortall (Registrar)

A Follow Up Letter (29th Sept)

Dear Students,

I wish to follow up on my previous communication.

We appreciate that, for many, it is difficult to decide how to proceed, given the national health and safety guidelines for your area and your personal situation.

Our greatest desire is that you have the best educational experience possible. We have worked hard to prepare our campus for you to be safe. We believe that being part of our learning community on campus is the best way to deepen your knowledge, insight and critical skills which are the attributes of a great university degree. Therefore, on-campus classes will continue to run, within the national guidelines. We are excited to meet our students.

At the same time, back-up plans are in place. Students unable to travel will be able to access their lectures through a link on their Moodle page. Log into:

You will be directed to the Dashboard where you will find the modules for which you have registered. Please check each one for details about how that module will proceed. Importantly, there you will find the link for the class will be waiting for you at the time when your class has been scheduled on the timetable. The timetable can be found here:

We have been experiencing some technical difficulties. Please be patient in the first few days as system adapts to large usage.

For all students, there will be a range of resources on Moodle supporting your on-campus/online classes. These resources will be added to during the course of the semester. Be sure to check UG101 for academic and students supports.

Some students may struggle with access to a computer. As mentioned at orientation, the government provided a Grant to support disadvantaged students. St. Patricks College has secured a limited number of laptops to loan to students as appropriate from this grant.

Any student who don't have the use of a computer or laptop to access your course lectures and material is being asked to email as soon as possible.

You will be then sent a link to an online form to complete to establish that the laptops will be received by the target group of students. The form will need to be completed by 8.00p.m on Tuesday 29th. We will identify the recipients as soon as possible and arrange to get the laptop to you. (Pick-up or delivery)

This process will be done in complete confidence and we will endeavour to deal with all appropriate candidates. If needed, St. Patricks College will access additional funds to address the needs of all identified cases. The allocation to first years will be identified as a priority in this process.

Each student must decide what is responsible for them. We can assure you that we have arranged a safe setting. At the same time, we have an online alternative.

Lastly, may I ask you to be patient – with technical and organisational challenges – in our opening days as we find our way together in a manner that allows all of us to reach our potential.

With every blessing,

Dr Michael Shortall (Registrar)

Fáilte chuig Coláiste Mhá Nuad.

We can’t wait to meet you. This page is designed to help our new students in the transition to university life. It provides key resources that you will need as you start your journey.

You can browse through any of the information we have here but make sure you familiarise yourself with the information in the steps we’ve outlined below (this is the most important stuff for getting started).

We share a campus with Maynooth University. Our students are entitled to all the services available on campus. Therefore, some of the links will connect with Maynooth University.

Click on Red Steps below.

Your Next Steps to Take

1. Preparing to Come to Campus

We live in strange times and new students need to make sure they are #PlayingMyPart by adhering to COVID-19 guidelines we have set up as well as preparing in the usual way by sorting out your finance, accommodation, travel and registration.

2. Choose your Subjects

Maynooth offers a wide variety of choices depending on your degree and we have put together presentations on what’s involved with each of them. Watch these to help you decide and/or prepare you for what’s to come

3. Support Services: Here to Help

As a Maynooth student you will have a number of what we call “supports” available to you. These can be related to your study (academic supports) or your student life outside the classroom (student supports). You should make yourself aware of these before you begin.

4. Welcome Week (21 – 25 September)

This is what we call the first week of semester. During this week there are loads of events on though most will be virtual right now and you may have to book to make sure you get a spot.

5. Talk to Us

Joining university is already stressful enough, let us put your mind at ease. If you have any questions, get in touch. Click here for our details.

6. Kalendarium 2020-2021

The Kalendarium is the official record of St Patrick's College, Maynooth. It contains all the policies, programmes and official positions, alongside a short history

Declan Marmion

“There is much ahead for you personally. With so much to be discovered here at Maynooth, we hope that this online resource and other supports will help you set out with you best foot forward.

Dr Declan Marmion


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