Undergraduate Modules

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Student Experience

Listing of Undergraduate Modules in the Academic Year 2019-2020

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Notes and Observations

(a) not available to International/Erasmus students at Maynooth University (Please note, International/Erasmus students of St Patrick’s College, Maynooth can register for these modules)

(b) timetabling restraints may apply

*S = Summer School. Modules offered in June 2020

(BATh) Baccalaureate in Theology and Arts

(BD) Baccalaureate in Divinity

PY 601 Philosophy of Religion and Secular Thought (BATh)Kerr25
SC 136 Introduction to the Bible & Its Worlds (BATh)Rogers25
MR 129 Introduction to Christian Ethics: Roots, Renewal, and Relevance for Today (BATh)Mulligan15
ST 111 Christianity & World Religions (BATh) O’Donoghue25
ST 117Foundations in Catholic Theology 1 (BATh)Marmion25
ST 116Theology, Revelation and an Introduction to Christianity (BATh)Sheridan15
TH 101What is Theology? (BD) (a)O’Gorman15
FC 101Revelation, Faith and Culture (BD) (a)Conway15
ST 114Ecclesiology (BD) (a)O’Donoghue 25
ST 118Introduction to Patristics (BD) (a)O’Donoghue 25
MR 121Introduction to Moral Theology (BD) (a)Corkery15
MR 127Conversion, Sin & Virtue (BD) (a)O’Gorman25
SC 135Risen Lord in a Pagan Empire (BD) (a)Macnamara15
SC 138Beginnings of God’s People (BD)Corley15
EH 144History of the Early Church I (BD) (a)Ryan15
LI 151Introduction to Liturgy & Initiation (BD) (a)Tracey15
ST 115Evangelization and Mission Today (BD) (a)O’Sullivan12.5
PT 103An Introduction to Pastoral Theology (BD) (a)McGrath22.5
LM 101Music in Christian Worship (BD) (a)O’Keeffe22.5

ST 312Christian Anthropology and and Spirituality (BATh)O’Donoghue15
MR 342 No Escaping Fundamental Questions (BATh)Shortall15
MR 340 Contemporary Issues in Bioethics (BATh) Corkery22.5
SC 336 The Human God (BATh)O’Connell15
SC 337 “Full of Your Creatures”: Ecology and the Old Testament (BATh) Corley22.5
LI 302 Christian Sacraments (BATh)Tracey25
ST 311 Sacramental Theology: Particular focus on the Eucharist and the Ordained Priesthood (BD) (a)O’Sullivan15
ST 206Theology of Creation and Grace (BD) (a)Marmion15
MR 345Ethics of Love and Life (BD) (a)Corkery15
MR 346Justice, Human Rights and Catholic Social Teaching (BD) (a)Mulligan25
SC 239 The Eagle’s Vision (Gospel of John) (BD) (a)Macnamara15
SC 242The Word of the Lord Through the Prophets (BD) (a) Corley25
EH 244AHistory of the Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Church (BD) (a)Ryan 15
EH 244BHistory of the Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Church (BD) (a)Ryan 22.5
CL 271Governance in the Church: Vatican II to Pope Francis (BD) (a)Mullaney25
CL 270Law, Justice and Rights in the Church(BD) (a)Mullaney 12.5
FC 207 Christian Faith and the Dynamics of Culture in a Secular Age (BD) (a)Conway25
LI 202 Preaching & Presiding I (BD) (a)Tracey12.5
LI 203 The Celebration of the Eucharist (BD) (a)Tracey 25
EL 256 Teaching Religion in a Contemporary Irish School Sheridan25
EL 269 Islam and Christianity TBC12.5
EL 276 Major Essay Faculty 1 or 22.5
EL 257 Mission OutreachTeam Taught1 or 22.5
EL 249 Good and Evil ITeam Taught15
EL 248Good and Evil IITeam Taught25

Introduction to Ecclesiastical Latin

BL 181 Introduction to Biblical GreekLanigan22.5
BL 182 Introduction to Ecclesiastical LatinO’Sullivan12.5
BL 183 Introduction to Biblical HebrewTBA12.5
BL 281 Intermediate Ecclesiastical Latin O’Sullivan22.5
BL 282 Intermediate Biblical GreekMacnamara12.5


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