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Study at postgraduate level is about independence, confidence and insight. It brings a person to a new place! Gaining a postgraduate qualification not only enables one to have a new horizon on their discipline, it also offers new work horizons—postgrads work in better jobs with better prospects—as well as new life horizons.

- Dr Michael Shortall - Dean of Postgraduate Studies

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Postgraduate is about specialisation, passion for one’s chosen discipline and mastery therein. Choosing Postgraduate at St Patrick's Pontifical University means entering a large and diverse academic community with scholars and postgraduates from over a dozen countries. It also means entering a community of learning with over two centuries of scholarly tradition, on a large contemporary campus—co-shared with dynamic Maynooth University, with significant international research and support networks, and striving to embrace students from a diversity of cultural and social backgrounds. The generosity of Maynooth’s donors provides scholarship and grant possibilities permit broad access to this life-transforming opportunity, ensuring access and new possibilities for promising students from many environments and contexts.

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