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Posted 08th January

Updated: 9.00, 8th January 2021

The country is currently in Level 5 of the protective measures in response to COVID-19. The government has indicated that these measures will continue until 31st January and possibly for longer. The implications for the Pontifical University and Maynooth Campus are as follows:

Work from home where possible: Staff are asked to work from home if possible. Staff who need to access the campus should get in touch with the President’s Office.

Buildings: Most of the campus buildings will be closed and on card access. The John Hume Building will remain open to provide spaces for students who need to study on campus.

Teaching: Most teaching has ceased for the inter-semester break. Any remaining teaching will be remote where possible, with on-campus teaching only where necessary, such as for practical work.

Research students: Postgraduate research students who have been issued with letters permitting access to the campus can continue to work on campus when necessary.

Library: The Library will operate as in November providing a range of services including click and collect and Digital on Demand. For more please see:

Catering: There will be a limited catering service in the Phoenix restaurant, and food can be bought at the Londis shop.

If you have queries regarding Covid-19 related protocols, or to report a positive test, please contact the COVID Response Team.

If you need technological resources, please contact us. There are also resources available for students (laptops, etc). If you need such help, please email This process will be done in complete confidence and we will endeavour to deal with all appropriate candidates. If needed, St. Patricks College will access additional funds to address the needs of all identified cases. The allocation to first years will be identified as a priority in this process.

Dr Michael Shortall (Registrar) 6th January 2020

Our Aims

  1. Our aim is to give you the best educational experience that we can in the upcoming semester. We know that you value the interaction with lecturers and tutors, and the opportunity to share ideas with others in your class. While we will operate within restrictions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will be working to ensure that your educational experience is as close to normal as we can make it.
  2. For more information, please click on the links below.
  3. Maynooth campus has been asked to take additional measures to minimise the presence of students on campus and avoid the risk of students congregating, including reducing student presence on campus.
  4. See more information below on the University’s Return to Campus plans, which are subject to updates as plans develop and public health guidelines and/or restrictions change.
  5. All official communications about our plans will be provided to staff and students via their official university email account and on this web page.

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