PhD in Theology (Full-Time and – from September 2020 – Part-Time options)


Posted 09th March

Under the supervision of a member of the Faculty of Theology, a candidate undertaking the PhD in Theology delineates and investigates a question or the aspect of a question in a way that permits her or him to acquire an overarching mastery and competence in their chosen theological discipline, so as to formulate a thesis, write a dissertation thereon, and thus contribute to the development of theological understanding. The Faculty of Theology currently supervises the PhD in Theology in all principal theological disciplines.

Duration (full-time): a Doctoral Foundation Year, followed by 3 years full-time research and writing.

Duration (part-time): A Doctoral Foundation period of 2 years, followed by 4 years of research and writing.

Admission requirements: Masters degree in Theology with 2.1 (Magna cum laude) or a Licentiate in any theological discipline (STL, SSL, LCL, SLL).

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