Online Webinar - Resilient faith: Advent spirituality for a time of pandemic


Tarsus Scripture School


Resilient faith: Advent spirituality for a time of pandemic.

The emphasis will fall on Advent spirituality and the course offers six presentations (two from each speaker) and a joint webinar on 10 December. The presentations will be available on Vimeo from 23 November onwards. The charge for the course is €20 per household.

Registration is open now.

Praying the Psalms in Advent: Honest prayers when life is hard Jessie Rogers (two Vimeo presentations)

Reading Mark in Advent: Wakefulness in Winter as We Attend to the Gift. Sean Goan (two Vimeo presentations)

Learning from Paul: Holding on to the word of life (Phil 2:16) Kieran J. O’Mahony (two Vimeo presentations)

Tarsus Scripture School
Tarsus Scripture School is a new initiative building on the good experience of last summer’s Scripture Summer School. Our plan is to offer regular longer and shorter scripture courses for Advent, Lent and Easter. There will also be a Scripture Summer School in 2021.
Team members
Jessie Rogers
Sean Goan
Kieran J. O'Mahony
Technical support
Ian Mullen (

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