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Posted 06th March

Saint Patrick’s College Maynooth is delighted to announce that, from September 2020, it will be offering a level 9 Masters qualification in Healthcare Chaplaincy. This is a two-year full-time (or equivalent part-time), professional award (120 ECTS credits). It follows the introduction of the level 8 Higher Diploma in Healthcare Chaplaincy in September 2019, and marks a significant expansion in the Pontifical University’s suite of pastoral programmes, which are dedicated to the professional formation and training in pastoral ministry.

The programme is designed for theology graduates considering healthcare chaplaincy as a profession. It may also be attractive to existing Healthcare Chaplains who wish to develop their theological competence and research skills, deepen their reflective practice, and enhance their pastoral capability for exercising clinical leadership.

The structure of the programme combines interdisciplinary academic study, clinical practice in an acute healthcare setting, and practical theological reflection. Under the supervision of a member of the Faculty of Theology, Master’s students are given the opportunity to develop their research literacy and capacity by conducting an evidence-based research project on an area of healthcare chaplaincy practice. The Pontifical University anticipates that by helping Healthcare Chaplains to develop their research competency, this will advance the evidence-based approach to chaplaincy, while also contributing in some way to the body of chaplaincy research. It will enable graduates of the Master’s programme to exercise the highest quality pastoral care in clinical practice and be effective leaders in the future development of the profession.

Both the Higher Diploma and Masters in Healthcare Chaplaincy are pathways for those pursing certification in Healthcare Chaplaincy. Graduates can apply for certification from the Healthcare Chaplaincy Board (HCB).

MTh Admission Requirements: Applicants must have the minimum requirements to apply for an MTh, plus significance experience in ministry practice. The Faculty of Theology may also accept applicants whom it deems to have achieved equivalent standard. Such candidates may be required to take additional courses in Theology to qualify for admission. Successful individual and group interviews are an essential part of the selection process.

Application form to follow.

For information on admissions, please contact:
Admissions Officer
Pontifical University
Saint Patrick’s College
Co Kildare
Tel: +353 (1) 7084772
Fax: +353 (1) 7083441