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Updated: 9.00, 22nd October 2020

Dear Students,

You will be very aware that Government protective measures regarding COVID-19 have been further increased. We were looking forward to building a learning community safely together on campus. But we must follow the health guidelines responsibly.

Therefore, starting on Thursday 22nd October, all our modules will move online (apart from highly specific and limited cases).

Therefore, please ensure that you check the moodle page of your modules for the links to the platforms (MSTeams/Panopto/Zoom). See:

Please follow online etiquette, such as turned off microphones. But do leave your camera on; as it makes for better engagement for everyone. Use a desk-top or laptop to stream your classes. (Phones do not lend themselves well to concentration).

If you need technological resources, please contact us. There are also resources available for students (laptops, etc). If you need such help, please email This process will be done in complete confidence and we will endeavour to deal with all appropriate candidates. If needed, St. Patricks College will access additional funds to address the needs of all identified cases. The allocation to first years will be identified as a priority in this process.

The timetable will continue as normal. There will be further information shortly on assignments and dates for submission. For all students, there will be a range of resources on Moodle supporting your on-campus/online classes. These resources will be added to during the course of the semester. Be sure to check UG101 for academic and students supports.

Lastly, continue to be patient as we work through some of the technical difficulties. While, you will not be penalised for issues at our end, you will still be expected to put in the study and complete the assignments.

Please keep safe and stay responsible in looking after the move vulnerable among us,

We are very much looking forward to seeing you soon, as our students are the centre of all we do,

With Every blessing,

Dr Michael Shortall (Registrar) 26th September 2020

Our Aims

  1. Our aim is to give you the best educational experience that we can in the upcoming semester. We know that you value the interaction with lecturers and tutors, and the opportunity to share ideas with others in your class. While we will operate within restrictions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will be working to ensure that your educational experience is as close to normal as we can make it.
  2. The University is welcoming students back to campus with teaching for most courses beginning on 28th September. While, we have done a lot of work over the summer to make the campus ready for the return of students, unfortunately, the return to campus will be a phased one.
  3. For more information, please click on the links below.
  4. Maynooth campus has been asked to take additional measures to minimise the presence of students on campus and avoid the risk of students congregating, including reducing student presence on campus.
  5. See more information below on the University’s Return to Campus plans, which are subject to updates as plans develop and public health guidelines and/or restrictions change.
  6. All official communications about our plans will be provided to staff and students via their official university email account and on this web page.

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