Admissions for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students: we're here to help


The admissions and schools liaison and team are on hand to answer any questions you might have during these challenging times.

If you are a teacher, student or parent who would like information on undergraduate or postgraduate programmes at St Patrick's College, Maynooth or have any questions about coming to college here, we will be delighted to help. No mater what the query is, big or small, from information about SPCM scholarships, student accommodation or advice on future plans, the team will do their utmost to provide the support you need.

Some of our up-coming postgraduate application deadlines:

All Pastoral Courses (including HDip/MTh Healthcare Chaplaincy): 03 April 2020
All other Postgraduate programmes (MTh, MLM, STL, PhD, DD, etc): 12th June 2020
Higher Diploma Theological Studies: 14th August 2020

For general admissions information, see here

NB: Postal Applications (updated 02/04/20):

Please note that at this time, the on-campus postal distribution service is not in operation, so if you have sent your application in towards the end of the week ending 27th March 2020, there is a strong likelihood it has not been received. We would ask, if possible, to re-send a copy of the application and any supporting documentation (transcripts, references, etc,) by email to Where possible, as staff are working from home and do not currently have access to printers & scanners, to help ease administrative workload, we would ask that applications be sent as one complete document, not as separate pages. There are some free scanning apps which will help you do this from your preferred mobile device, such as, for example, Adobe Scanner and Genius Scan. We understand that this may not be possible in every instance however, and welcome your application in whatever electronic form is manageable.

Please note that application forms in Word format are available on request by sending an email to Barbara Mahon at Please clearly state which course you are applying for.

Contact us:

Barbara Mahon, Admissions & Marketing Officer (Undergraduate & Postgraduate): or

Ruth Daly, School Liaision Officer (Undergraduate):


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