Profile: Religious Education


Posted 27th November

Since 2013, the Pontifical University has been providing certification in Catholic Religious Education and Theological Studies for students following the Bachelor of Education and Professional Masters inEducation courses from the Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education at Maynooth University.

Student teachers undertake a programme of study

in four theological subjects; Systematic Theology, Scripture, Moral Theology and Liturgy & Sacraments. They also haveintroductory and practical modules in Religious Education. The aim of the programme is both to form and inform, toassist in their education as student teachers, and to help them to become capable of responding to the many spiritualand religious opportunities and challenges facing pupils in classrooms today.

The subject of education and its provision is one of the great cultural and societal battlegrounds in Ireland today.At St. Patrick’s College, we aim not only to foster an awareness of these issues and debates, but also to instiling student teachers an understanding of “the pearl beyond price” that is Catholic education and all the whilerising to the challenges and needs of the questioning and questing child in Catholic schools today.

It is pleasing to note that over the past six years our students have been exemplary in their engagement with theseissues. Incorporating theological subjects into teacher training programmes demonstrates the enriching collaboration we achieve through working closely with our Froebel partners at Maynooth University.


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