Scotus Eriugena Research Scholarship leading to a PhD in Theology—Scholarship Round for 2018

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The Scotus Eriugena Research Scholarship is a major scholarship for talented candidates in theology and offers a pathway, not only to a PhD in Theology, but positions the successful candidate for an international theological career. The Theology faculty in the Pontifical University—the only English-speaking Pontifical faculty in Western Europe offering programmes across the full range of theological disciplines—with its international teaching body, large postgraduate cohort, unique location, and extensive facilities, offers candidates the opportunity to pursue doctoral studies within a vibrant academic community.

Maynooth’s Faculty of Theology can provide expert research supervision in all major sub-disciplines of theology, which include the following:

  • Systematic and Fundamental Theology
  • Moral Theology / Theological Ethics
  • Sacred Scripture / Biblical Studies
  • Ecclesiastical History
  • Liturgical Theology /Pastoral Liturgy

Applications are invited from suitable candidates to complete a PhD in one of the above areas, beginning in September 2018. THREE scholarships are offered over a 4-year period and include tuition fees, a research allowance, and on-campus residence plan (accommodation and meals, which may be awarded as a personal stipend in the order of €10,000 per annum).

Application may be made HERE. In preparation an application, candidates must follow the published application guidelines ensuring that they:

(i) check the entry requirements for the PhD programmes of the Pontifical University

(ii) submit a 1,500–2,000 word research proposal


(iii) verify that the proposal fits with the research interests of the Faculty of Theology at Maynooth.

Initial informal enquiries may be addressed to the Admissions Officer who will forward them to the appropriate member of Faculty.

Applications for the Scotus Eriugena Research Scholarship will be accepted until June 21, 2018 (4pm GMT).