Irish Biblical Association Annual Conference: Borders and Bibles


February 17th


St Patrick’s College Maynooth

Prof. Tobias Nicklas from Regensburg was the main speaker at the Irish Biblical Association Annual Conference, held at St Patrick’s College Maynooth on Saturday 17 February 2018. 

The theme was “Books on the Borders of the Bible.” Prof. Nicklas spoke on “Why should we read the Christian Apocrypha?” and showed that these texts tell us much about the development of early Christian culture. He also spoke on a Greek document called the “Martyrdom of Mark,” indicating how it helps us understand ancient Alexandrian Christianity. 

In addition, Jeremy Corley (Maynooth) presented a survey of recent studies of the Book of Sirach, and Garrick Allen (DCU) outlined how scribes transmitted the Book of Revelation in late antiquity.


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