Faculty Speak at the World Meeting of Families

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August 22nd - August 24th


World Meeting of Families, RDS, Dublin.

The Faculty of Theology are proud to be supporting the World Meeting of Families, Dublin 2018. A number of the Faculty are delivering workshops or chairing seminars.

Prof. Salvador Ryan will deliver two presentations on Wednesday 22 August (11.30 to 12.30 Merrion Room and 19.00 to 20.00 in Hall 8B) entitled Domestic Devotion: A History of Visual Piety and Religious Practice in the Family Home.

Prof Seamus O’Connell, Dr Jessie Rogers, and Maynooth Graduate, Philip Carder, are doing delivering two Workshops on Lectio Divina:

Wednesday 22nd August (10:00—11:00am in Hall 8B) is titled “Real Reading for Real Families; Lectio Divina in Home and Parish,” and presents how one can read the Scriptures for prayer and hope, and as an expression of our love of God with family and friends.

Friday 24th August (11:30—12:30pm in the Merrion Room), is titled “Homecoming Reading; Unlocking the Hope and Healing of the Scriptures,” and with the help of the Parable of the Lost Sons (Luke 15:11–32) plots the journey to a way of reading Scripture that sees God’s Word as a burden and a threat, to a way a reading that discovers the Good News, healing, peace, and hope that lies at the heart of every word of the Living God.

Wednesday 22nd August (12.00pm) Dr Jeremy Corley will participate in a discussion moderated by Adrian Chiles (BBC, UK) on “The Importance of Belonging: Exploring Contemporary Interest in Genealogy”.