Federation of Catholic Universities of Europe and the Lebanon


Posted 27th July

The Federation of Catholic Universities of Europe and the Lebanon (FUCE) will hold its Annual General Assembly at the end of the week in St. Patrick’s College Maynooth from May 21st – 23rd. The Assembly comprises Presidents and Rectors of Pontifical and Catholic Universities/Faculties from around the Continent as well as Lebanon. It is anticipated that around forty Presidents will be in attendance. It is the first time in many decades that a gathering of Catholic University heads of this magnitude has been held in the country.

In his words of welcome Mgr Connolly said:

It is a distinct privilege to host so many colleagues from all over our continent including France, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Portugal Belgium, Great Britain and the Lebanon each of whom is engaged in a shared mission of education which is itself part of the universal mission of evangelization. I hope that these days together will be fruitful and beneficial in building solidarity and friendship between us so that we will each undertake that mission with renewed vigour and energy.


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