Video Content Creation Pt1

Module Aims

Credit Weighting (ECTS) 7.5 ECTS

Module Overview
The Video Content Creation Module is a hands on introduction to the basics of shooting and editing video, with the emphasis on learning by doing. Students will learn to handle cameras, pick shots, record picture and sound and edit short video pieces. Team work is still a core component of a successful shoot and students will learn to work together as a team, to discuss ideas and to assign roles. The module runs for the duration of the Semester.

Module Content
Working individually and in groups, students will be taught the principles and practice of shooting and editing video and sound. Students will be instructed in the basics of camera, lights and sound operation as well as interviewing techniques. They will be introduced to the concepts of composition and framing, shot sizes and shooting to edit and will be guided through the process of short documentary production. With assisted edit sessions they will construct a short form documentary piece in conjunction with the module ‘The Documentary Programme’ co-ordinated by Eleanor Cunney.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of the module, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding the basic principles behind creating video content
  • Exhibit a capacity to shoot basic interview and illustrative actuality footage
  • Construct a coherent video edit for online or broadcast distribution
  • Be capable of editing with and integrating footage from external sources to required durations, standards and formats
  • Apply, by way of various Non Linear Editing platforms, their learnings across a range of industry standard and prosumer edit packages.

Teaching and Learning Methods
Lectures (Hours) 18
Practical (Hours) 84
Tutorial/Seminar (Hours) 18

Continuous Assessment 100%
Scheduled Written Examination
Other Assessment:
Short Editing Project 20 %
Final Project 60 %


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