RC 506 A Critical Reading of the Works of Henri de Lubac

Module Level

9/10 STL Reading Course


Two essays: 5000 words per essay

Module Aims

To enable students develop an understanding of the theology and method of Henri de Lubac and, thereby, to appreciate a new way of doing theology following the implosion of Neo-Scholasticism.

Indicative Syllabus

  • The theological and cultural context of de Lubac’s life and work
  • De Lubac’s theological method
  • His engagement with the Surnaturel question
  • His emerging Christology
  • De Lubac’s ecclesiology
  • Situating de Lubac in the context of Vatican II
  • A critical reading of selected texts


  • De Lubac, Henri, Catholicism: Christ and the Common Destiny of Man. San Francisco: Ignatius, 1988.
  • De Lubac, Henri, Theological Fragments. San Francisco: Ignatius, 1989.
  • De Lubac, Henri, At the Service of the Church. San Francisco: Ignatius, 1993.
  • De Lubac, Henri, Theology in History. San Francisco: Ignatius, 1996.
  • Flynn, Gabriel and Murray, Paul D., Ressourcement: A Movement for Renewal in Twentieth-Century Catholic Theology. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.
  • O’Sullivan, Noel, Christ and Creation: Christology as the key to interpreting the theology of creation in the works of Henri de Lubac. Oxford: Peter Lang, 2009.
  • O’Sullivan, Noel, “An Emerging Christology,” in Jordan Hillibert. Companion to Henri de Lubac. New York: T & T Clark (forthcoming).
  • Urs Von Balthasar, Hans, The Theology of Henri de Lubac. San Francisco: Ignatius, 1991


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