PG 650: Foundations of Moral Theology

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Module Level

9/10 MTh/PhD Seminar Course

Time Allowance

Semester 1. Tuesdays 14:00-16:00. Beginning 24.09.2019


Seminar presentation and end of term essay [c. 7,000 words].

Module Aims

The aim of the seminar is to explore in detail foundational questions relating to moral knowledge and moral living.

Indicative Syllabus:

The three fonts of wisdom utilized in the Christian Tradition.

The nature, scope and limits of conscience.

The debate on moral absolutes in light of Amoris Laetitia.

Contemporary interest in moral discernment and the Sensus Fidei in light of Evangelii Gaudium, # 119.

Good intentions, good motives and dubious actions.


  • International Theological Commission, Sensus Fidei in the Life of the Church, 2014
  • -----------------------------------------------, In Search of a Universal Ethic: A New look at the Natural Law, 2012
  • Charles E Curran & Lisa A Fullam, Readings in Moral Theology No. 18 : The Sensus Fidelium and Moral Theology, 2017.
  • Vincent MacNamara, The Call to be Human: Making Sense of Morality, 2010.
  • William Mattison, Introducing Moral Theology, 2008