PG 495: Exploring Biblical Narratives

Module Level

9 /10 PhD / MTh / STL

Time Allowance

Online assignments and 4 seminar days on campus 11/01/21-14/01/21. Beginning on Monday 11th January at 9:45am to 12:45pm


Preparatory Assignments (2,000 words in toto) 30%; In-course Seminar Presentation 20%; Final Synthesis Paper (5,000 words) 50%

Module Aims

This seminar course, an introduction to narrative criticism, examines key concepts and tools of narrative methodology and showcases their use in the narrative analysis of a selection of biblical narratives. The seminar will examine, character, plot, point of view, the importance of time, order and gaps, and the levels of narration.

Learning Outcomes

  • to identify and describe the basic tools of narrative criticism
  • to employ the tools in the analysis of a wide variety of biblical texts
  • to assess the diverse approaches of scholars within the field of narrative criticism
  • to situate and integrate the tools of narrative criticism with other exegetical methodologies


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