Introduction to Spirituality

Module Level



Reflection Paper

Module Aims

The scope and sequence of this module aims to provide the student with a broad introduction to spirituality that will serve as a foundational exploration of the biblical, theological, historical, social, and the contemporary practice of Christian spirituality. Consequently, this module provides a wide-ranging base for an introduction to the different aspects of spirituality and how they are interconnected and expressed in the heart and mind, and in the personality and social presence of a person or group. St.Irenaeus said: the glory of God is the person fully alive. So the study of spirituality investigates our growth and development as a human being, and describes the nature of the spiritual life and the process by which people grow in the spiritual life to become a unique reflection of God. This multifaceted approach is essential for an integrated and genuine appreciation of Christian spirituality and how we appropriate and re-ap


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