PG 302: History of Christian Thought (24 hours)

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Module Level

9/10 PhD, MTh, STL Seminar Course

Time Allowance

24 hours


Class work (this may take the form of class presentations; the compilation of working bibliographies on a select topic; a book review of a chosen title, etc.): 15%. | Essay of 5,000 words on an agreed topic: 85%

Module Aims

To provide students with a thorough introduction to the most significant issues in the evolution of Christian thought over two millennia

To situate these theological developments in their broader historical context.

Learning Outcomes

By means of class presentation, guided reading and the exploration of key themes, students should come to appreciate the rich tapestry that is the history of the Christian tradition.

As each session will incorporate the close reading of some contemporary texts, students will develop a familiarity with primary source material: where to find it; how to use it; and where to access more specialised studies of the topics in question.

Indicative Syllabus

· Christianity takes shape: early Christian writings and what they tell us about the nascent Christian movement

· The Christian movement and the state

· The evolution of the doctrine of the Trinity

· Conflicts over the person of Christ

· Controversies concerning grace and salvation in the fourth and fifth centuries

· Theologies of eastern and western Christianity

· Medieval scholasticism

· Questions of authority in the medieval church

· The age of the Reformations

· Theological controversies of early modern and modern Christianity.

Timetable: Wednesday evenings (first semester): 7pm – 9pm.

Venue: South Campus. Loftus Halls, Room: Middle Loftus


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