Module Level


Time Allowance

Lectures: 20 hours, Assignment: 15 hours, Private study: 60 hours



Module Aims

- To introduce students to the theology of divine revelation and faith

- To introduce students to traditional and contemporary issues relating to discourse
about God

- To identify key features of revelation in the Old and New Testaments and in the

- Tradition, culminating in the Vatican II document, Dei Verbum

- To tease out the implications of Christ as the fullness of revelation

- To explore the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the nucleus of
New Testament Christology

- To present the history of Christology through the Councils of the first millennium

- To acquaint students with contemporary issues in Christology

Learning Outcomes

  • Have an understanding of the human search for meaning and the plurality of responses among those of different belief systems, both religious and nonreligious
  • Appreciate the historical and contemporary issues that arise in discourse about God
  • Understand the relationship between revelation and faith
  • Be aware of the centrality of the paschal mystery in understanding the Christian God
  • Be familiar with the history of Christology
  • Be able to appreciate the significance of the being and action of Christ


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