LI 400 Foundations of Worship

Module Level



Course Project 100%

Module Aims

- To provide the student with critical skills in exploring the nature and history of Christian Liturgy

- To foster an understanding of the human need for ritual

- To focus on the nature of particular liturgical celebrations

Learning Outcomes

  • To reflect critically on liturgical texts
  • To give a detailed description of the development, structure and the nature of the celebration of Christian Liturgy
  • To introfuce the concept of Initiation and how Christians are 'made'
  • To clearly explain the nature of Eucharistic praying
  • To present the Christian understanding and celebration of time
  • To distinguish historical and theological arguments
  • To research and present an assessed project


  • Gail Ramshaw, Christian Worship. 100,000 Sundays of Symbols and Rituals, (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2009).


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