EH243A History of the Church in the Modern Age

Module Level

Level 8 (undergraduate)


Essay and Exam

Module Aims

  • To introduce students to the history of the Church in the Early Modern Period
  • Provide students with a good overview of the most up to date scholarship on the history of Early Modern Christianity

Learning Outcomes

  • • —An appreciation of the main events and personalities of post-Reformation Christianity up to the French Revolution • —An understanding of the evolving relationship between secular and religious authorities in the early modern period


  • • —O’Malley, John W., Trent: what happened at the Council? (Cambridge, Mass: Belknap, 2013) • —Duffy, Eamon, Saints and sinners: a history of the popes (2nd ed.). New Haven: Yale University Press, 2006 • —Kelly, Joseph F., The ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church: a history. Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2009


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