TS 112 Church History

Module Level


Time Allowance

Lectures: 10 hours, Assignment: 10 hours, Private study: 20 hours



Module Aims

- To introduce the key features of the early Christian Church

- To introduce the key themes, events, personalities and sources in the early Church

- To introduce the key features of the Early Modern Catholicism in Ireland

- To introduce students to key themes, events and personalities in the Catholic Church in Ireland 1500-1922

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate some of the factors associated early Christianity
  • Understand the principal debates regarding the definition of doctrine
  • Recognize the dynamics of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation in Ireland
  • Understand the delay in translating the reforms of Trent to Ireland
  • Analyse the concept of 'the devotional revolution' of the nineteenth century


  • Joseph H. Lynch, Early Christianity, a brief history (New York, Oxford, 2009)
  • B. Bradshaw and D. Keogh (eds), Christianity in Ireland (Dublin, 2000)


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