MR 225 - Christian Discipleship

Module Level

8 (Undergraduate)

Time Allowance

Lectures: 24 hours Tutorials: 3 hours


Essay/Tutorial/Tweet: 40% End of semester examination: 60%

Module Aims

To investigate the meaning of Christian discipleship as the call to conversion and virtue(s) and the conduct of this life in relation to marital and sexual ethics.

Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the course, the student will: have learned the biblical and theological basis of Christian conversion
  • have understood the place of virtue(s) in the moral life of the Christian
  • have deepened their knowledge of the relationship between morality and spirituality
  • have studied the biblical concepts, historical developments and theological trajectories (personal and social) of sin(s)
  • have an understanding of the biblical and personalist vision of human sexuality in the light of Church teaching


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