Discipleship, Ministry, & Pastoral Practice

Module Level


Time Allowance

Lectures: 15 hours; Assignment: 15 Hours; Private Study: 60 Hours


Reflective Learning Journal (30%) and Reflection Paper/Essay (70%). Students need to pass all components of assessment in order to pass the module.

Module Aims

To introduce students to the theological foundations of Christian discipleship and ministry, and explore key features of pastoral practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have a good knowledge of the theological foundations of discipleship and ministry (ordained, religious, and lay).
  • Be familiar with key teachings of the Second Vatican Council on the baptismal priesthood, the Church's mission in the world, the role of the laity, and the ministry of Bishops/clergy.
  • Have an understanding of the different practices of ministry: teaching, preaching, leading worship/prayer, pastoral care, social ministry, and administration
  • Be aware of the mission and context of a parish, the practice of grouping parishes in pastoral areas, and the role of Parish Pastoral Councils.
  • Be able to reflect theologically on concrete situations in pastoral ministry.


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