PT 103 An Introduction to Pastoral Theology

Module Level


Related Department


Time Allowance

Lectures: 12 Hours; Poster Project: 10 Hours; Essay 10 Hours


Poster Project: 40% Essay: 60% Students need to pass all components of assessment in order to pass the module.

Module Aims

To teach students how to engage in practical theological interpretation on issues of concern within the church and contemporary society.

To introduce students to the core tasks of practical theology.

To explore what it means to be a pastoral theologian.

To develop practical skills: such as, an ability to draw upon the stories, symbols, rituals, and traditions of the Christian faith; attentiveness to and ability to reflect on personal experiences, reactions, and practices; a growth in competence and confidence in theological understanding, and theological fluency.

Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of this module, students will:
  • Be adept in practical theological interpretation as an academic exercise, as well as a method of supporting and sustaining lived discipleship and ministerial leadership.
  • Have knowledge and skills to interpret, understand, and respond to difficult issues and situations in contemporary and concrete settings.
  • Develop the practice of cross-disciplinary thinking and have the ability to engage in robust conversation with other disciplines, including other theological disciplines and the arts and sciences.
  • Have improved their reflexive thinking, by examining their own life experiences, actions, and practices, questioning cultural and personal assumptions, and developing awareness and understanding that will lead to more pastoral action/response.
  • Have an understanding of what it means to be a pastoral theologian.


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