Higher Diploma in Pastoral Liturgy **Not offered in 2021/2022 Academic year **

Offers candidates the opportunity to study the worship of the Church, its tradition and its place in the Church today.

Postgraduate - Full Time
1 Year
Course Start Date:
September 2022
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Offers candidates the opportunity to study the worship of the Church, its tradition and its place in the Church today.


The one-year course,aims to provide formation in liturgy to enable the student to take a leadership role in pastoral work, specialising in liturgy, at diocesan and parish level.

Career Outcomes


Course Structure

Programme of Study

Students must take the basic modular course for the Diploma in Pastoral Liturgy, namely: Leading God’s People in Public Prayer; The Church’s Year: Time, Seasons and Feasts; What, then, is the Liturgy; Scripture and Liturgy: Ministers, Proclamation, Books; Christian Initiation - Baptism and Confirmation; The Eucharist: Celebration and Theology; Sacraments: Parish Celebrations on Life’s Journey; Pastoral Issues in Contemporary Parish Communities, Moving Forward with Liturgical Confidence. In addition, students undertake additional guided reading and projects encompassing the theology and practice of the Church’s liturgy.

Students will be assessed through a mixture of written work and group projects. A major paper will be submitted by the end of the course. A final integration interview will be held at the end of semester two.

Lectures: Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Duration: 1 year full-time (two days per week on campus)

Application Requirements

Admission Requirements

Students are required to have a primary degree where theology is at least a major component. Students with other degrees, or with a professional diploma or equivalent qualification, may be admitted if they have experience in parish or liturgical ministry. They may be required to take extra courses in theology, and to take an oral examination while studying for the Higher Diploma in Pastoral Liturgy.

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