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1st July 2019 (5.15pm)

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It is fast-approaching. The CAO Change of Mind deadline of 1st July 2019 (5.15pm). But don’t stress. Here are some useful tips.

Get online: The first thing to do is visit the CAO website. You will find all the details, including the process, programme restrictions & exclusions. There is even a really helpful CAO Change of Mind Video Guide.

Get Information: Look into all the programmes that interest you. It is only then that you should list your choices in order of preference. Remember, make your decisions on what interests you the most - which might be us! Click here for our programmes.

Get Advice: Have a chat with friends and family. It’s always good to talk and listen to others, especially those who have our best interests at heart

Get in Touch: Contact us at any time for a practical information about our programmes, such as start dates, modules, accommodation, campus life and the like.

Get Ready: Take a second look all the programme codes - MU001 (Theology and Arts) and MU00 (Theology) Be sure that the information is correct for finally submitting your Change of Mind form.

Get With It: Most of all, stay calm and take the process one step at a time.

For more information contact Barbara, our Admissions Officer at +353 (0)1 708 4772 or

Barbara Mahon

Admissions Office

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