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Choosing your Subjects

Next Up is to learn about the subjects ahead. For the BATh students (MU001), there are some important choices to be made. Learn more!

BATh (MU001)

Many of our programmes concern Theology or Philosophy only. The Bachelor in Theology and Arts (MU001) is a joint award with Maynooth University (MU). It shares the wide range of subjects on offer in the Arts suite of MU.

The full structure of the course can be found here.

Baccalaureate in Theology and Arts

Now that you’ve made your necessary preparations, it’s time to make sure about your choices. We have presentations to help you research your decisions.

Help Choosing your Subjects & Programmes

Firstly, reflect on your interests. Ask yourself questions:

  • Why did I choose this subject in the first place?
  • Is it selected by me or by someone else?
  • What are my strengths?
  • Does the subject interest me?
  • What kind of occupation could I pursue with this subject?
  • Could I see myself doing this for years to come?

Browse through a presentation on the various subjects on offer. Click on the red button below!

Consult Department Websites as a way to get a feel for a potential subject. Talk to various department staff to enquire about subjects that interest you.

Seek out students who are currently studying the same programme or who have graduated from the same programme. Meet and ask them questions about their coursework, career hopes, and experiences?

The Programme Advisory Office provides information on any choices you might wish to make related to your programme.

Talk to the Career Development Centre about your subject choices and potential career implications.

Subject Choices for the BATh (MU100)

Browse through a presentation on the various subjects on offer at MU

First Year Choices

Students choose Theology and two Arts subjects from the following groups. Any Arts subject combinations are permitted, as long as no two subjects are taken from the same group. Students make their Arts subject choices on entry and may make changes in relation to the Arts subjects within the first four weeks of semester 1:

Group 1: Geography, German (available at beginner and intermediate level), Law, Mathematics (Pure) (Groups 1 & 3), Philosophy

Group 2: Business (International), Business (Management), Business (Marketing), (04/H7 Maths recommended for all three Business options), Criminology, Greek, History

Group 3: English, International Development, Mathematics (Pure) (Groups 3 & 1), Mathematical Studies (O3/H7 Maths recommended) Anthropology, Economics (04/H7 Maths recommended), Finance (04/H7 Maths recommended)

Group 4: Latin, Music Technology (03/H7 Music recommended) Nua Ghaeilge (H5 Irish required)

Group 5: Computer Studies (H6/O3 Maths required), Music (H5 required), Sociology, Spanish (available at beginner and intermediate levels).

Change of Mind

At the beginning of the academic year, you will have up to four weeks to change your mind about your subjects and a further opportunity in Semester 2.

You can change your subject choices up until Friday 23 October (free of charge) BUT remember to use this 4 week window wisely.

Get the timetable of the subjects / modules that you are interested in from the Examinations Office.

If you do want to make changes, this can be done on-line via the registration amendment facility which can be accessed by logging into your Student Web account (you’ll get one when you register):

Try and avoid making changes to your subjects at the last minute without previously attending the lectures of the relevant subject you are moving to.

All subjects are taught from day one of the commencement of lectures, so the later you leave it to firm up your choices, the more of a subject you may miss.

Please contact The Programme Advisory Office if you have any questions about changing your subjects after registration. Details are available from their website.

Step Three

Learn about all the supports to help you on your journey


All our classes and facilities are on the heritage site of the South Campus. Classes will be held in Loftus Halls. Click on the Map to find out more.

Map of the Campus with Location of Loftus Halls

If you have any trouble finding your way around campus, finding rooms, facilities or if you just want to see what’s available on campus we have various campus maps that can help on the location part of the Maynooth website. Click on the following:

Wider Maynooth Campus


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