Rev. Prof. Séamus O’Connell

Professor of Sacred Scripture


Office Location: Room 11, Dunboyne House

Office Hours for First Semester, 2016–17: Wednesdays 2:00–3:00 pm


Priest of the Diocese of Kerry, ordained in 1982. Undergraduate studies in Maynooth (BSc and BD); graduate studies at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome (SSL) and in Fribourg (DTheol). Chaplain, Millstreet Community School, Co. Cork (1986–89); Director of Scriptural Formation for the Diocese of Kerry (1992–1998). Lecturer in Sacred Scripture, 1998, appointed Professor 2006. Chair, Committee on Scripture Use, National Bible Society of Ireland (1996–2015); President, Irish Biblical Association (2002–2005); Member, Catholic Biblical Association of America (2009–present); Member, Irish Episcopal Committee for Theology (1999–present); Member, Consultative Committee for the Study of Near Eastern Religions, RIA (2005–2009); Convenor, Workgroup on Theology in Higher Education (2005–2009); Member, Program Committee, Catholic Biblical Association of America (2009–16); Member, Executive Board, Catholic Biblical Association of America (2016–18); Representative the Irish Episcopal Conference for the Catholic Biblical Federation (2011–present). Co-ordinator: Southern and Western European Subregion, CBF (2013–2015); Member of CBF Executive Committee (2015–present).

Research Interests:

  • Identification and exploration of redactional features in the Gospel of Mark as keys to the Gospel’s composition history and theology.
  • Synoptic Problem
  • Lectio Divina and Scripture in the Pastoral Life of the Church
  • Narrative Pneumatology in the Synoptic Gospels

Select Publications:

    • “St Joseph and the Future of the Irish Church” The Furrow (68) 2017: 158–65
    • “Eat this Book! Approaching the Sacramentality of the Word Today” in It is Good for Us to Be Here: Gathered on a Weekday When Eucharist is Not Celebrated  (Dublin: Veritas, 2015), 25–28
    • “The Family of Jesus in the Gospels.” The Bible Today 53 (2015): 19–25.
    • “Lectio and Love”, Intercom 44 (April, 2014), 10-11.
    • “Unbarring the Doors.” The Furrow 64 (Sept 2013):
    • “But Him They Did NOT See! (Luke 24:24)” Intercom 43 (April 2013): 25.
    • “Rediscovering Our Catholicism: the Wood and the Trees.” The Furrow 63 (Nov 2012): 555–60.
    • “NOT Black Riding Hood: Lectio Divina and Biblical Discourse.” Intercom 42 (Sept 2012): 12–13.
    • “Mark’s Gospel and Recovery for Battered Believers.” Intercom 42 (February 2012): 18–19.
    • “Martin McNamara: Biblical Scholar.” Scripture in Church 165 (Jan-Mar 2012): 124–7.
    • “The Word is Very Near to You’ (Deut 30:14): The Word that Makes Alive in Moses and Paul” in Brendan Leahy and Séamus O’Connell (eds), Having Life in his Name (Dublin: Veritas, 2011), 213–25.
    • Mind the Gap: Lectio Divina and Contemporary Approaches to Reading” Intercom 41 (Sept 2011): 27.
    • Walking Towards God: On Practicing Lectio Divina (3).” Intercom 39/4 (May 2009): 26–27.
    • Walking Towards God: On Practicing Lectio Divina (2).” Intercom 39/3 (April 2009): 28–29.
    • Walking Towards God: On Practicing Lectio Divina.” Intercom 39/2 (March 2009): 26–27.
    • “SBL 2008 Boston.” Intercom 39/1 ( February 2009): 28.
    • “Let the Reader Understand: Recent Writing on Mark.” The Furrow 60 (2009): 111–119.
    • Lectio Divina: The Challenge in the Academic Setting” in Bernard Treacy, alii (eds),Reading Scripture for Living the Christian Life, [Doctrine and Life 59 (2009)], 32–46.
    • “Identity, Collective Beliefs, and the Allocation of Resources.” The Economic and Social Review 39 (2008): 39–54.
      Co-author with Thomas D. Jeitschko (Michigan State University) and Rowena A. Pecchenino (NUIM).
    • “The Menu is not the Meal: the Scriptures as Food for our Lives.” The Furrow 59 (2008): 92–98.
    • From Most Ancient Sources: The Nature and Text-Critical Use of the Greek Old Testament Text of the Complutensian Polyglot Bible.
      Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 215 (Fribourg: Academic Press and Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2006).
    • “How People are Nourished by their Faith in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland at Present” and “A Catholic View of How Spirituality May be Developed.” Co-author with Myles Rearden CM in The Deepest Freshness Deep Down Things (Belfast: The Irish Inter-Church Meeting, 2005), 6–8 and 70–78.
    • “Towards the First Gospel: Redactional Development in the Gospel of Mark” 
      Proceedings of the Irish Biblical Association
       26 (2003): 66–91.

Current Research:

 Current Courses (Undergraduate)

  • SC 239 Servant of Christ and Steward of the Mysteries of God: An Introduction the Writings, Theology and Spirituality of Paul the Apostle  [Semester I]
  • SC 336 The Human God [Semester I]
  • EL 255 Roadmap for Dreamers? Living the Sermon on the Mount in the Real World

 Current Courses (Postgraduate)

  • SC 400 The Bible and its Worlds [Semester I]
  • PG 518 The Gospel Parables: Narrative and Theology [Semesters I & II]
  • PG 488 The Kiss of Christ: Theological, Spiritual and Pastoral Dimensions of Lectio Divina [Semester II]
  • PG 486 Word and Worship [Semester II]

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