Rev. Dr Pádraig Corkery

Lecturer in Moral Theology

Lecturer in Moral Theology

Tel: +353 (0)1 708 3506

Office Location: Room 5, Dunboyne House

Office Hours:
Second Semester : Wednesday 9:30 – 11.00AM and Thursday 9:30 – 11.00AM

Postgraduate Courses
PG 452 Church, State and Society
PG 503 Readings on the Just War
PG 505 Contemporary Issues in Bioethics


  • Priest of the Diocese of Cork & Ross, ordained in 1981. Undergraduate studies at UCC (BSc) and Gregorian University, Rome (STB). Graduate studies at Maynooth (STL) and the Catholic University of America (STD). Curate Togher Parish (‘82-‘83), Curate Cathedral Parish (‘86-‘88), Chaplain University College, Cork (‘88-’98), Cork & Ross Diocesan Lecturer in Medical Ethics (‘86-’98). Lecturer in and Adviser to Cork & Ross Diocesan Adult Religious Education Programme (‘90-’98). Lecturer in Moral Theology, Pontifical University, Maynooth (‘98-present). Member Irish Commission for Justice and Peace (‘93–’01), Chairman (’97-’01). Member Irish Association of Teachers of Moral Theology ’98-present. Dean of the Faculty of Theology since March 2009.

Research Interests:

  • Contemporary issues in bioethics.
  • Catholic social teaching.

Select Publications:

  • “Discovering the Gospel of Life: The Role of Scripture in Moral Reflection” in Brendan Leahy and Séamus O’Connell (eds), Having Life in his Name (Dublin: Veritas, 2011), 41 –58.
  • Bioethics and the Catholic Moral Tradition, Dublin, Veritas, 2010.
  • ‘Christian Discipleship and Catholic Social Doctrine’ in Gearoid Dullea (ed.), Deacons: Ministers of Christ and of God’s Mysteries. Dublin: Veritas, 2010.
  • ‘The Challenge to Re-imagine the Goals and Ethos of Economic Activity?’, Doctrine and Life 58 (2008): 4-10.
  • ‘Beyond the Terri Schiavo Case’, The Furrow 59 (2008): 67-76.
  • Companion to the Compendium of Catholic Social Doctrine, Dublin, Veritas, 2007.
  • ‘Bio-ethics and contemporary Irish moral discourse’ in Amelia Fleming (ed.),Contemporary Irish Moral Discourse. Dublin: Columba Press, 2007.
  • ‘Reproductive Technologies: An Irish contribution to an international debate.’ The Furrow 56 (2005): 353-7.
  • ‘Bishop Daniel Cohalan of Cork on Republican Resistance and Hunger Strikes: A Theological Note’, Irish Theological Quarterly 67 (2002):113-124.
  • ‘The Use of Embryonic Stem Cells’, The Furrow 53 (2002):24-34.
  • Theology in the University: The Irish Context (Editor) Dominican Publications, 1997.

Current Research:

  • The contribution of Pope John Paul II and the CDF to the debate surrounding the provision of nutrition/hydration to persons in a PVS.

Current Courses (Undergraduate):

  • RC 301 The Twilight of Atheism: Alister McGrath
  • MR 221 Bioethics and the Catholic Moral Tradition
  • MR 325 Catholic Social Doctrine
  • MR 336 The Demands of Justice: Personal & Societal Dimensions

Current Courses (Postgraduate):

  • PG 436 New Voices in Moral Theology
  • PG 502 The Response of the Christian Tradition to Richard Dawkins
  • PG 503 Readings on the Just War