Mission Statement

St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, has been internationally recognised

St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, has been internationally recognised and respected as a premier Catholic institution of theological, philosophical, humanistic and scientific education since 1795.  Since 1896 it has been a University Institution with Pontifical Faculties of Theology, Canon Law and Philosophy.

Today, the Pontifical University at Saint Patrick’s College is committed to:

  • Achieving the highest standards at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Systematic Theology, Moral Theology, Sacred Scripture, Philosophy, Canon Law, Liturgical Studies, Ecclesiastical History & Patrology, Mission Studies and Pastoral Theology;
  • Equipping students with the required academic formation for ministry and the civil position or profession that they are likely to follow;
  • Promoting excellence and innovation in teaching, research and publication that respond to contemporary developments in ecumenical, inter-religious and cultural dialogues in an increasingly complex and diverse Irish society;
  • Broadening access in higher and continuing education through inter-disciplinary and focused programmes that meet contemporary needs;

Creating a supportive, learning and reflective environment, equipped with the best structures and resources available, to enable the academic, spiritual and human development of the student in an atmosphere which respects diversity and difference.