Introduction to Theology

What is Theology?

Theology is based on the rational reflection on human life, on the world and on God. It covers a wide range of live and important issues from politics to business ethics, to communications, to issues such a truth and justice and unsurprisingly, some answers to the question of who or what God is.

Theology is a valuable component of general education and the expertise gained in this discipline is of value in many different career paths.

The main areas of study within Theology are:

Systematic theology – comprising fundamental and dogmatic theology – is a reflection on the origins and development of Christian faith in a way that is credible for today. Fundamental theology asks what it is about the human being that he or she searches for meaning and is open to a possible revelation from God. It therefore raises such questions as: ‘What does it mean to be human? and ‘What does it mean to be a Christian today?’ Dogmatic theology explores themes and doctrines central to Christian faith, including: God, creation, Jesus Christ, Church, grace and the sacraments. It seeks to show how the central themes of our faith are linked to Scripture and in harmony with reason.

Systematic theology leads into the richness and diversity of the Christian tradition – East and West – and facilitates a critical openness to this tradition. It encourages an appreciation of how the understanding of faith has changed over the centuries and how it continues to develop. Such systematic study of Christian faith enables students to articulate their faith in a way that is contemporary, biblically-grounded, historically accurate, and doctrinally consistent.


Theology is a fascinating subject.  It makes for an excellent discipline, combining research, critical analysis, independent learning and self-development.

The Theology student 

The Theology student is someone with an enquiring mind, who, on successful completion of their studies, will be well-equipped to take a place in professional, social and community life. Our unique, historic and beautiful campus is the ideal location for reflection and learning.


Maynooth is Ireland’s only University town. Everything you need for your College years will be found in the town. By living on campus, or in the town, you can escape the long city commutes or you can use the handy bus and rail links to the Campus.

During your time in Maynooth we will support and assist you in your life as a student. We have a crèche on campus, and other supports include counselling, academic support, disability/access office, career development centre, and a medical centre. The two Universities in Maynooth share the beautiful grounds and facilities.