Courses Note

First Year Programme

In the first year students are required to take three subjects: Theology, which
amounts to about half the year’s programme, and two Arts subjects. The Arts
courses are described in the syllabus of the National University of Ireland,

Baccalaureate in Theology and Arts

Course ID: BTh Year 3

A. Theology Courses:
The following list of courses will be offered for the First Year of the BATh
Programme in the current year. Courses are described in full in Chapter IV.
Course Code & Title Lecturer Semester Credits

Course Code & Title Lecturer Semester Credits
Systematic Theology
ST 111 Christianity & World Religions Mullins 1 5
ST 104 Introduction to Christianity Marmion 2 2.5
ST 105 On Being Christian Together Mullins 2 2.5
Moral Theology
MR 128 Engaging Ethical Dilemmas Mulligan 1 5
Sacred Scripture
SC 136 Introduction to the Bible & Its Worlds Burroughs/Punch 2 5
Course Code & Title
In First Year, two Arts subjects must be taken from the following, with not more than one subject being taken from the same group:
Systematic Theology
Law*, Philosophy
Geography, German
Statistics (only in third year), Business, Greek, History
English, International Development, Mathematical Studies (OB3/HD3 Maths
required), Politics
Anthropology, Nua-Ghaeilge, (HC3 Irish required)
Economics, Finance, Latin
Computer Science (OB3/HD3 Maths required), Music (HC3 required),
Sociology, Spanish (available at beginner and intermediate levels)
Year 1 End
Time: 09.00-16.00