Baccalaureate in Philosophy (BPh)

Baccalaureate in Philosophy

The Baccalaureate in Philosophy (BPh) is a full-time degree open to any student who satisfies the entry requirements of second level education (Irish Leaving Certificate or its equivalent) for an undergraduate degree.

The programme entails eight hours of lectures and one tutorial per week in year one, and seven hours of lectures and one tutorial per week in year two. Students will be required to achieve a pass on the first year’s courses before being admitted to the second year.

Year I
Year II
Course Descriptions

This degree is open to students of the National University of Ireland, Maynooth who study for the Higher Diploma in Philosophy or who take Philosophy and a cognate subject for the Honours BA. They are required to produce a BPh thesis, which must be of similar length to the BA thesis but on a different topic. The essay should be on a topic of Christian philosophy and reflect wide reading and personal reflection. Prospective candidates should contact the Philosophy Office before the end of the second semester in their degree year. In order to be admitted to the BPh examinations, Higher Diploma students must do Epistemology in Year I, as well as the required electives in Year II, and the extended essay.