Pontifical University Scholarships

Pontifical University Scholarships

The Pontifical University at , Maynooth awards the following scholarships. Preference is given to applicants who do not hold any other scholarship or educational award. Scholarships are awarded initially for one year, but may be renewed from year to year during the holder’s course of studies.

Postgraduate Scholarships:

Scotus Eriugena Research Scholarship leading to PhD in Theology
Scholastic Trust Doctoral Scholarships in Theology
Maynooth Union Postgraduate Scholarship
The Matthew O Donnell Scholarships
The Michael Devlin Scholarship
College Scholarships
The Daniel & Mary Mulvihill Scholarship
The Loughlin J Sweeney Scholarship
The Thomas Gilmartin Scholarship for the Master's Degree in Theology ( History of Christianity)

Undergraduate Scholarship:

College Scholarship:

A College Scholarship is available for a lay student taking the Bachelor of Divinity Degree (BD). The Scholarship is valued at €1,400 per annum. Closing Date 4:00pm 24th June 2016 Application Form

Application Procedure:
Completed application forms must be submitted to scholarships@spcm.ie . Please note the closing date for applications will be 4:00pm on Friday 24th June 2016.  Late applications may be considered up until Thursday the 1st of September