Diploma & Higher Diploma in Pastoral Theology

These programmes offer theological and professional preparation for ministry leadership in the Church.

Postgraduate - Full Time
1 Year
Application Deadline:
01st June 2018
Course Start Date:
September 2018
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These programmes offer theological and professional preparation for ministry leadership in the Church.


It is the whole person who ministers, so the whole person is the focus of formation in these programmes. In a structured, supported environment, students embark on a journey of personal, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral growth. 

These programmes form part of a person's initial formation, preparing him/her for exercising the responsibilities of ministry. Students have the opportunity to obtain professional and theological competency, gain pastoral and leadership skills, and build their ministerial identity. 

Where possible, shared formation between students preparing for lay and ordained pastoral ministries deepens their understanding of their own unique vocation and gifts, and enriches their appreciation of others. Readying them for collaborative ministry, students build mutual respect, trust, and recognition of their shared but differentiated responsibility for the life and mission of the Church.

The structure of the programmes include the academic study of topics related to Pastoral Theology and Ministry, as well as a placement experience in parish, schools, and hospital settings. 

Both diplomas follow the same academic and placement programmes, and are awarded on the successful completion of one year’s full-time engagement.

There is an ethos of participative and reflective learning throughout.

Career Outcomes

Pastoral Work


Catechesis & Faith Development

Sacramental Preparation Coordination

Application Requirements

Admission Requirements


Candidates are required to have one of the following:

A degree in Theology

A degree in Theology

A primary degree with a major Theology component

An equivalent qualification with experience in pastoral ministry

Students who do not hold a degree with a theological component are required to take extra courses, and pass an oral examination in Theology.